How to find your lost temper: A practical programme in Anger Management.

How to find your lost temper: A practical programme in Anger Management.

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If you lose your temper, you lose your game. This short course in anger management can help you in a practical way to develop the skill to find your lost temper, or not to lose it in the first place. In this self paced online programme dr Gustav Gous focus with you on the normal emotion of anger, and helps you to channel it in a constructive over-against a destructive way. 

Some say it is not possible: I cannot help myself,  it is my temperament, I am highly strung, it’s my culture and by the way, it is your fault that I get angry.  It is you who cause me to lose my temper.

This course says: It is not only possible, but also very necessary to be able to manage your anger. You can find your lost temper faster than you can think. But only if you want to, and have the skill set on how to do it. This white paper and supporting material, give you the steps, the insight  and the exercises how to master the emotion of anger. 

 Programme content:

  • Finding your lost temper
  • Master your anger - master your game
  • What to do with anger: Three things
  • New mechanisms: How to tame your temper. 
  • Core skills
  • Applied and preventative skills

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"Gustav has almost 30 years of coaching and counseling experience. He has helped many business people and private individuals, to do intelligent anger management. He is an international specialist in emotional intelligence, and has presented EQ workshops locally and abroad.".

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Event Date 05-24-2020 1:00 am
Event End Date 05-23-2021
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